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Teens aren't

So there is nothing to fix!

Years of experience has shown that teenagers love the coaching model.

Coaches focus on the positive and empower teens to make the necessary changes in their life, while supporting them through the process.

Coaching focuses on their strengths, core beliefs, purpose and the goals they can set today that will guarantee a successful future. This makes the teen not only feel in control, but motivated to change their behaviors and improve on their skills. 

if your teen is experiencing any of the following...






Low Self Esteem

Negative Self Talk

Self Sabotage


Relationships (Conflicts)

Poor Decision Making

Lack of Motivation

Low Energy 

Validation Seeking

Body Image Issues

Know that you are not alone. So many teens are experiencing similar problems all over the world.

As parents we try to make things easier for our children as an attempt to help them, not understanding that these fixes are only temporary because they're not hitting the root of the problem, which is Mindset and Habitual Habits/Behavior.
 The simple lacking of these skills will rob your child of his/her happiness.

By developing Skills such as Self Awareness, Critical Thinking, Self Regulation, Resilience, and Discipline, teens will set a Foundation that will serve them for the rest of their Lives.

Teens need to learn how to redirect their thoughts and behaviors towards goals and actions that will improve the quality of their lives long-term.

When teens develop the ability to control their thoughts, actions and focus on the possibilities of their future, they stop living in the past and begin to look at life with new excitement.

What I have seen in conversations with most teenagers is that their source of anxiety and stress stem from 'The Usual Suspects'

No Direction (Vision, Goals)
Negative Thought Patterns,Habits
Lack of Self Awareness 
No Communication, Critical Thinking Skills
'No Life Skills' - Resilience, Emotional Regulation, Self Discipline, Growth Mindset.

When teens begin to learn about their brain and body, they develop an understanding of why they feel the way they feel, they are able to make changes..

All of a sudden their challenges are not as scary or difficult to change because now they have the 'know how.'

See, Knowledge is POWER, but Self Knowledge is 'EmPOWERment.'

When you empower teens, show them all the possibilities within them and encourage them towards pursuing their goals, their mood improves as well as their habits and decision making skills.

Their obstacles become manageable, they develop a new perspective on themselves and life. 

Women Jumping During Performance


schedule your complimentary discovery call today

In this discovery call we will discuss:

Your current state (mental/physical) and personal development

Your values, beliefs, interests, and traits

Your goals (vision, purpose, and intention)

Your obstacles, current problems, and personal challenges

Your habits, routines 

Your behavior and thinking patterns

Your self awareness level

Critical thinking skills

Strengths, weaknesses, talents and abilities

Confidence and level of self esteem

Your health and energy level 

Interpersonal relationships and communication skills

Coaching or Traditional Therapy?

The reason why coaching is so effective is because it focuses on the future and is more interpersonal and solution based. 

Naomi incorporate aspects of clinical therapy in helping her clients deal and find solutions to the challenges and problems that are causing imbalances in their mental and physical health that are preventing them from living a fully functional and happy life.

Her coaching technique is designed to help the client heal their emotional wounds and learn to meet their own unmet needs, achieve independence, and help teens who have formed addictions or unhealthy thought and behavior patterns reframe and redirect their behavior through cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification techniques and personal development.

Naomi Nye is a licensed LMT, trainer

and coach who focuses on Mindset

(behavior modification-patterns, CBT)

and Entrepreneurship.  

Through her mentoring and coaching Naomi has developed her

"3 Step System"


the 3 step system





The first thing we do is:

Re-wire your brain (Growth Mindset)

Or reset the Mal adaptive brain back to

wellness by addressing 

Doubt, fear, worry, limiting beliefs, & negative self talk. 

(The mayor causes of anxiety,

stress, & depression)


We identify the stressors and use tools to get

rid of them.

"You will learn the power of 'thought control'

Now we begin developing character, healthy thoughts patterns, serving belief systems, and life skills.


  • Who do you want to be?

  • What do you want to do?

  • What kind of friendships do you want?

  • What is your ideal love relationship?


We will brainstorm ideas on these questions, do the research necessary to create the perfect action plan for you.

This could be a daily, weekly, or monthly action plan.


Now that you have found your purpose and have a vision for the future, it is time to take action. Many people set goals but have a problem in execution. Holding your teenager accountable for their plans will make sure they follow through as well as keep them motivated all the way to final execution. 


One of the biggest factors that will decide success versus failure is accountability. When a teenager is held accountable for their daily, weekly, and monthly action plans, they are more likely to follow through and not waver into indecision.

Finally, celebration along the way is a tool I use often to keep the momentum.

We will reward the micro and macro goals and celebrate the achievements.

your coaching schedule

First, I will send you a questionnaire to fill for our breakthrough session, where we will discuss your current struggles and obstacles, then we discuss your goals in various aspects of your life and together we create an action plan for the month.

We will meet for 2 hours a week (one hour at the beginning of the week and one hour at the end of the week.) 

We will do check ins, and you will be able to contact me for additional support via text or telegram.

You will receive your workbook after our breakthrough session and will be given weekly assignments. 

Month 1 = 10 hours of Coaching. 8 hours every month after that, unless you would like to add more hours to your plan.

take action today!

So your teen can unlock his greatest potential!



Kristina Kash

Every call I have with Naomi I have more clarity on what to do and I feel better. i have a 13 year old daughter and a 12 year old son and they are my priority. Her insight on life issues has been very helpful and healing in so many ways. I can't thank her enough. #results


Deanne Dalton

“Thank you friend. Your message is spot on. I appreciate you and our sessions. You have a lot of compassion, wisdom, and guidance for your clients. Love you”

Copy of Copy of Black and Cream Hair Sty

Sara Locke

Thank you for the course. It not only helped my niece but me too.It made me look into myself and helped me understand a lot about myself and my life too.


Jackie Cid

Eloquent yet sympathetic. You are a great mentor.


Marc Sandy

“Loved the appointment. It gave Joshua a whole boost of confidence. You unmistakably calling my wife was so awesome. Thank You.”

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