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“Education is not the filling of a pale...

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Teen Rockstar Entrepreneur Interview - Deborah Olatunji

... but the lighting of a fire.”

Deborah Olatunji is a writer, award-winning poet, activist, public speaker, and author of "Unleashing Your Innovative Genius: High School Redesigned." 

Deborah, a seventeen-year-old high school senior from New Castle, Delaware, is intensely passionate about being an igniter and catalytic force in the education system. As the founder of the Student Leadership Initiative Program (SLIP), she and her peers help other high school students to navigate their interests and passions through this mentorship-fueled social venture.

Deborah is also a board member for a youth-driven, New York-based non-profit organization called GripTape; its mission is to provide youth decision-making control over what and how they learn and the resources to do so. Deborah has written Unleashing Your Innovative Genius because of her strong desire for students to realize and actualize their power to transform education.

You can Visit Deborah on social media:

or Visit her website for more information:!

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