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Allow your Mind to be Free and Rise to Greater Heights

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

When we free ourselves from self imposed limiting beliefs, we unlock our potential and become our dreams.

Teen Rockstar Entrepreneur Episode - Daysha Hanks. 

Daysha Hanks is an entrepreneur, specializing in network marketing, and uses this medium to mentor others on how to manage their time, emotional state while earning a sizable income.

Daysha got out of high school at 15 in order to get a job and help supporting her siblings after her mother went to jail. 

In spite of having a job, she was struggling to pay her rent and turned online looking for a job that would supplement her income. 

After 4 years of struggling to make an income online she bumped into Sam, who introduced her to her millionaire mentors Darren and Arri, and that's how she got into the field of mentoring through network marketing.

She agrees with her mentors when that say that network marketing is personal development in disguise, and what she loves most about network marketing is that she gets to connect with people from all over the world every single day, and impact their lives in a positive way.

Apart from mentoring others online, she also provides value by her lives that are getting a lot of attention on Facebook.

Daysha's live show, "The Daily Dose with Daysha"  where she gives her listeners different tips on a wide array of subjects relating to personal development and how to achieve freedom and fulfillment in your life.

To listen to a "Daily Dose with Daysha, to connect with Daysha online or if you're interested in affiliate marketing and mentoring, contact Daysha by following one of the links below. 

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