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Image by Katrina Wright

Badass Affirmations Exercise

Creating a list of positive affirmations can be a powerful tool for boosting your emotional well-being and cultivating a positive mindset. Take some time to create a list of 10 affirmations that resonate with you personally. Choose affirmations that make you feel good and confident about yourself. Remember, these affirmations can be repeated daily or during challenging moments to foster positive self-talk and emotional resilience.

Here are 10 Example Affirmations:


  • I am a force of nature.

  • I have the power to overcome any obstacles that come my way.

  • I am capable and confident in my abilities.

  • I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my life.

  • I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

  • I am deserving of success and happiness.

  • I have the courage to express myself authentically.

  • I am surrounded by love and support from those who care about me.

  • I am resilient and capable of bouncing back from setbacks.

  • I am grateful for the unique qualities and strengths that make me who I am.

Now, it's your turn! Create your own Badass Affirmations Below:











Take a moment to reflect on the power of positive affirmations and how they can impact your emotional well-being:

  • How does repeating positive affirmations make you feel?

  • What changes have you noticed in your mindset and emotional state when practicing positive self-talk?

  • Are there any specific situations or challenges where these affirmations can be especially helpful?

  • How can incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine make you feel better?

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