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Pose at Protest

Self Reflection Prompts

Exercise 3


  1. How do I typically react when I experience strong emotions?


      Are there healthier or more productive ways I could respond?


   2. What are some common triggers for my negative emotions? 




      How can I better manage them?

  3. How does my body physically respond when I feel different emotions?




    Are there any specific sensations or changes I notice?

  4. How do I express my positive emotions?




    Are there creative or unique ways I can express more joy, gratitude, or excitement in my everyday life?


  5.  Are there any emotions that I tend to suppress or avoid?




     Why do I think I feel this way? 




     How can I address these emotions in a positive way?

  6.  How do I communicate my emotions to others?




      Are there any improvements I can make in expressing myself effectively and assertively?

  7.  What are some self-care practices that help me regulate and balance my emotions?




      How can I make this a daily practice?

  8.  Are there any harmful or unhelpful patterns of thought that contribute to negative emotions?





     How can I challenge and reframe these thoughts to promote more positive emotions?

  9.  When I experience a strong emotion, what coping strategies or techniques have proven helpful in managing and navigating through it?

  10. How do I handle conflicts or disagreements with others?



Are there any specific emotions that tend to arise in these situations,





and how can I approach these emotions and disagreements in a good way?

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