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Exercise 3

Discovering Your Core VALUES!

Knowing your core values is essential for living a fulfilling and authentic life.

This exercise will help you identify and define your core values, providing clarity on what truly matters to you.

Take your time and think before writing down your answer. Be honest, no one has to read this but you. Admitting that our behavior might have been or is wrong is not admitting defeat. We all have good and bad habits, good and bad traits, good and bad experiences, and we all have the capacity to improve and room to grow and by doing this 

Step 1: List Your Key Life Experiences

Take a moment to reflect on significant experiences in your life, both positive and negative. Consider moments of achievement, happiness, contentment, as well as challenges, conflicts, and moments of growth.

Write down at least five of these experiences:

Step 2: Identify Your Feelings

For each experience, identify the emotions you felt at that time. Were you proud, joyful, confident, inspired, or motivated? Were you frustrated, hurt, disappointed, angry or?

Note down the primary emotions associated with each experience:

Step 3: Identify the Underlying Values

Look closely at the emotions you listed in Step 2. Beneath each emotion lies a core value that is significant to you. For example, if you felt proud and accomplished after volunteering to help others, the underlying value may be "compassion" or "contribution." If you felt frustrated and limited in a restrictive environment, the underlying value may be "freedom" or "autonomy."

Write down what values you think you possess (are important to you) based on your good and bad experiences:

Step 4: Prioritize Your Core Values

Review the list of values you've identified and rank them in order of importance.

Start with the one that resonates with you the most and continue until you have a clear understanding of your top five core values:

Step 5: Reflect on Your Priorities

Take a moment to consider how well your current lifestyle aligns with your identified core values. Are you living in a way that honors and reflects these values? If there are areas where your actions and values don't align, think about how you can make positive changes to align your life more closely with your core values. Living by your core values leads to a fulfilling life and raises your self esteem.

Brainstorm some ideas:

Step 6: Set Goals in Alignment with Your Core Values

Now that you know your core values, use them as a compass to guide your decision-making and goal-setting. Make a list of short-term and long-term goals that align with your values. Ensure that your aspirations reflect what truly matters to you at the core.

Write down 3 short term goals:

Write down 3 long term goals:

Create a weekly, monthly plan and schedule to motivate you to achieve your goals:

Step 7: Embrace Your Authenticity

Knowing your core values empowers you to stay true to yourself and make choices that are aligned with your authentic self. Embrace your values and let them guide you in creating a meaningful and purpose-driven life.

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