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Designer Life Blueprint

A transformative 12 week teen course focused on providing youth with the life tools to develop a deep understanding of themselves and the world around them.


To overcome personal - life challenges and to build on their talents and strengths so that they can create a life plan they truly desire.


"Despite the increasing focus on mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL) in schools, alarming statistics Reveal a PARADOX:

40% of Gen Z have sought therapy, while 42% carry a mental health diagnosis. This generation is constantly prompted to explore their emotions, yet teen behavioral issues and suicide rates persist at

troubling levels.

Why is this happening?

The truth is, teens aren't necessarily plagued by mental health disorders. Instead, schools inadvertently foster a belief that there's something wrong with them. By incorporating SEL and other preventive mental health measures, schools unintentionally lead kids to believe they have a problem, when in reality, they're simply trying to

understand themselves.

As a result, our kids are being Over-Diagnosed & Over-Treated, fostering a Victim Mentality and - 

'STRAINING Parent-Child Relationships'

The System sometimes LABELS Parental Discipline as: Emotional Abuse, 

- Exacerbating the Divide. -

This Cycle Is Unnecessary!

Most teens are merely grappling with boredom, feeling down, or lacking essential life skills

Issues that can be addressed without pathologizing "Normal Adolescent Experiences."

The Solution

Help your child Discover the Transformative POWER of Cultivating Resilience and Self-Regulation Skills during adolescence with our Innovative Program, 

 Grounded in Cutting-Edge Research, this 12-WEEK Journey is Meticulously Crafted to equip teens with the TOOLS they need to THRIVE:  


Emotionally, Socially, and Academically.

 'Designer Life Blueprint. '

As adolescents undergo Profound Changes in Brain Architecture,

particularly in the crucial 11-15 Age Range, our program STEPS In with Timely Interventions.


During this period, the Brain's Reward-Seeking and Emotion-Processing Systems often Overshadow Cognitive Control, leaving Self-Regulation "Out of Balance."


But fear not, as our program is designed to FORTIFY these Essential Skills through tailored instruction and UNWAVERING SUPPORT.


By honing SELF-REGULATION, adolescents can navigate complexities with CLARITY, Manage Stress EFFECTIVELY, and Harmonize Thoughts and Emotions toward Goal Attainment and

Compassionate Interpersonal Relationships.


The dividends of such MASTERY are Significant, with studies indicating correlations to Enhanced Financial Planning, Reduced Risk Behaviors like substance use and violence, and Heightened Earning Potential.


After watching thousands of brain scans neurologist Daniel Amen suggested "RESILIENCE" was the best thing to teach a human 

Our Methodology is Immersive and Dynamic, Comprising:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions,

  • Personalized challenges,

  • & real-time check-ins via Discord or Telegram.


Each Session Unveils POWERFUL Techniques for:

  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs,

  • Disrupting Habitual Patterns,

  • & Fostering Resilient Coping Mechanisms.


The culmination of the course focuses on crafting a comprehensive life plan, empowering teens to chart their course with confidence and purpose.


But our COMMITMENT Extends Beyond the adolescent participants; we recognize the Pivotal Role of PARENTS in this JOURNEY.

Through Dedicated Zoom Meetings and a Supportive Online Community, we Provide Parents with INVALUABLE INSIGHTS, STRATEGIES, and a Platform for Shared Experiences.


Moreover, for those seeking Additional Guidance,

our Personalized Coaching Sessions offer Tailored SUPPORT & GUIDANCE.

Embark on this Transformative Journey with us,

where Resilience MEETS Self-Discovery, and together, we'll Unlock the BLUEPRINT for a Life of BOUNDLESS POTENTIAL.


Although each week has a specific focus, there’s space and flexibility around  each topic so that  teens can  focus on an aspect which is relevant in their own lives.

DLB Course Logo.png

Month 1


Learning Neuroscience, biology & the teenage brain.
"Understand the motivation behind your thoughts & actions." 


Developing self awareness. This week is all about self discovery.


We will be examining our Beliefs - Values & the experiences and reasoning behind them.


Developing Growth Mindset


Month 2


Relationships. Learning what your values and standards are. Setting boundaries.
-How to get to know someone, dealing with emotions, sexual pressures, break ups and more.

"Special Guest Coach"


Learning effective communication skills. Self Advocacy - Speak up on your behalf effectively. It requires you to understand your values, needs, and rights, and communicate them to others in a way that is understood and respected. 


"Emotional Intelligence"
Skill Building! 
Self Regulation & Stress Management
Self Control
Developing Optimism & Self Motivation.

"Special Guest Coach"


Learning the importance of nutrition, exercise and meditation (breathing techniques and practices) for clarity, focus, stability and emotional well-being. 

Teenager on Laptop

Month 3


Purpose and passion. Learning what you love and are good at.


Goal planning.


Money management. 
"Special Guest Coach"


Life Plan Creation.
This week is about
Future Visioning.

Each week the topic of focus builds upon the last, building the skills and strategies necessary for self- transformation. In addition to each weekly class, every teen is accountable for a short weekly (text) check in and group progress report. 

DLB Course Logo.png

You're probably wondering how to get started. 

First, let's get on a 30 minute zoom call to make sure it's a match!

We suggest that you talk to your teen and show them this web site.  Show them the program outline.  Ask them to consider their life now and if this is something they see as beneficial. Then ask,  if they wish to participate. The only way this program works is if the teen wants to be a part of the partnership process and is interested in taking action for themselves.  If the teen says yes, parents should book a consultation first. Then the teen should fill out the course application on their own.

Teen Application


Upon enrollment, you'll receive your very own Designer Life Blueprint Workbook/Journal to accompany you on your transformative journey. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll proudly sport our exclusive Designer Life Blueprint "Embrace the Suck" Tank Top, emblematic of your resilience and growth.

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